Recap of the Week: Stress and Surprises (March 22nd through 28th)

If you read my Thursday post, you know that it’s been a little stressful at this house.  However, this week was more than just dealing with a bunch of transitions in my life.  Well, maybe one more transition.


I got my hair cut.  Short.  Well, not short compared to a bob, but it’s the shortest I have had my hair since before I was married.  To be honest, I really hadn’t plan to cut it this short, but I am getting the hang of styling it every day.  I have gotten a lot of supportive compliments, so I really can’t complain.  I am, however, looking forward to it being a little longer so I can pull all of it up in to a ponytail again.


Also, this week, we celebrated our big puppy’s 11th birthday!  Since I wasn’t feeling as well, we didn’t take him to the pet store on Tuesday, his actual birthday.  We plan to remedy that this weekend, though!  So, since it was still chilly Tuesday, I set him up in my reading chair with an electric blanket on the lowest setting (it also turns itself off after a little while).  He was in heaven!  Also, our jealous little pup would sneak into the chair when the birthday boy would leave for bathroom breaks.  You can see she feels a little guilty.

So we definitely had some sunny moments through our storms this week.  I’m so thankful for all the encouraging thoughts and comments I received.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

Recap of the Week: Community (from March 15th through 21st)

In our area, spring break is spread over two weeks, some schools had it last week while others had it this past week.  So, our church decided to host a kind of spring break mission right in the area where most of our church lives.  It started last Wednesday and ended this past Wednesday.  That way, no matter what spring break you had, you could be a part of at least part of it.   One of our ministers connected with several of the community organizations in our area to create projects for us to do.  It was pretty fantastic.

Of course, Michael and I didn’t have a spring break at all, but we participated last Saturday, working with a resale shop that helps support the poor in our community.  They can shop at the store and the proceeds go right back into the community as well.  Everything in the store is donated, and much of the staff is volunteer.  Michael and I cleaned up aisles and then tested small kitchen appliances to make sure they worked before being priced and put out on the sales floor.  I completely forgot my camera, but here’s a picture from my phone of Michael working on the appliances.


We were going to have a community event that evening, but we got rained out.  However, it was rescheduled for Wednesday, and I got to go for part of it.  There were bounce houses and snow cones and hot dogs, as well as lots of people from both church and community gathering together to have fun!


The rest of our week was pretty low key.  We have had some crazy weather and wind lately.  I spent some time out in the sun one day and Jerzee thought that was an excellent opportunity to get on my back and pretend to be a superhero, with the wind blowing in her face.  It was absolutely precious (and you can see my hair on the bottom of the pictures.  Yes, she was really sitting on top of me!).


Hope you are all having a great week and enjoy a little sunshine!  Thanks for stopping by!