Am I addicted?

I read an article in Newsweek (It always starts with an article, doesn’t it?) about research studies on internet addiction.  Taken from the article: “A parallel study found similar changes [in internet addiction] in the brains of video game addicts.  And both studies come on the heels of other Chinese results that link Intrenet addiction to “structural abnormalities in gray matter,” namely shrinkage of 10 to 20 percent in the area of the brain responsible for processing of speech, memory, motor control, emotion, sensory, and other information.  And worse, the shrinkage never stopped: the more time online, the more the brain showed signs of ‘atrophy.’”  So, what does this all mean? Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Part Seven – Undress Your Stress

My mom bought me this book, I think, in college during one of those gift giving times, like birthdays or Christmas.  I’ve always dealt with anxiety in one way or another, and I try to incorporate ways to handle the tension on a daily basis.  I haven’t picked this book up in years, and I thought I would spend a week revisiting some of the author’s ideas, only to find that I already had a lot of them in my routine already. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Part Six – No TV for a Week

Throughout this week, I kept coming across this saying, “If you want more time in your week, watch less TV.”  I have to admit, while I have my favorite shows, I’m not really an avid TV watcher.  However, this week helped me realize that there were certain times of the day when I craved a little “screen time”. Continue reading


So, on the days that I don’t run or walk the dogs, I do yoga.  Hulu and Netflix both have different yoga series that I use, although right now I’m really liking Yogazone on Hulu.  They  have 20 minute classes and hour long classes that tailor to whatever you want from yoga.  I typically do the 20 minute classes since these are my off days of exercise. Continue reading